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“Have You Read the Works of Lewis Carroll?” tonight in Frankfort

Frankfort—Liberty Hall Historic Site, a National Historic Landmark, located in downtown Frankfort, introduces a new fall series for literature enthusiasts and novices alike. The “Have You Read the Works Of…?” series explores the works of three familiar authors both read and appreciated by the Brown family. You’re invited to take a journey with a local literary scholars to discover how familiar authors are connected to Kentucky culture and history. Beginning tonight, Friday, October 13, at 7:00 p.m. LHHS will host “Have You Read the Works of Lewis Carroll?” at the Orlando Brown House. Join University of Kentucky Masters of Literature, Amanda Stroud, for a look at the publishing of Alice in Wonderland. Haven’t read Lewis Carroll in a while? Do not distress; the program invites anyone to revisit this pivotal children’s fantasy author without any homework.

One of the additional features of these programs is that each one will serve topic appropriate refreshments. Enjoy a Tea Party and tasty treats pulled from the pages of Alice and Wonderland. Also, attendees will have the opportunity to win a topic appropriate gift.

Cost is $8.00. Group rates and package deals are available. Program complements both high school and college level literature courses. Because of limited space, reservations are required. For more information or to make reservations, call LHHS at 502/227-2560 or 1-888-516-5101 or email at

I am greatly displeased that I'll be out of town for this (and that they didn't send out a newsletter on the subject a little earlier!), it sounds like a lovely evening.
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