Luisa the friendly ghost. (nevinai) wrote in louisville_loli,
Luisa the friendly ghost.

Hello ? ... Heeelllooooo.......

Do you own any full egl outfits ?

Yes, including namebrand items.
Yes, but only indies brands or handmade items.
Yes, but only loli-esque american-brand items.
No, but I own cosplay outfits / other japanese streetfashion outfits.
Not at all.

Assuming you were able, would you be interested in attending a teaparty or meetup ?

Yes, and I would dress in a full egl outfit.
Yes, and I would dress egl-casual.
Yes, and I would wear cosplay attire.
Yes, but I would not / could not dress for the occasion.

What sounds the most appealing ?

Going to a restuarant.
Going to a teahouse / coffehouse.
Having a picnic in witch one person provided food and drinks.
Going to a picnic in witch everyone brought something to share.

I posted quite a while back about the prospect of having a meetup ... I couldn't really follow through with it for personal reasons, but since things have settled down for me I would like to give it another go. 16 members is a good amount of people for such a thing, but I have a feeling that most of you wouldnt attend a meeting for various reasons ... school, work, lack of transportation, lack of clothing, etc. So I'd like for anyone who thinks they would want to attend to let me know, and anyone who thinks they cant/wont to let me know why. ... If I only get two or three replies I'll figure that no-one cares, and then I guess I'll find the closest active lolita group in the surrounding cities and try orginazing a carpool to those events for those of us who are interested. ... At the very least I'll pick a date and a location and hope I'm not the only one that shows >.<

Hope to hear from some of y'all.
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I would love to have a meetup. ^^

Wherever it's held doesn't matter much to me, but I just choose the teahouse... I couldn't decide. x.x

Actually, what's really surprising is that how many people knew gothic lolita at this animecon at the Louisville Free Public Library. *was taken aback!!* So even if just one person replied here, they might have a friend or two who doesn't have a LJ who might like to go. Would you be allright with non-comm members being allowed? It might even be an idea to post to lj comm egl? I always think there might be lolitas out there who don't know this community exists at all. ._.

Though I think personally it's not the quantity, it's the quality that matters. ^o^
Absolutely, anyone whos really interested can come .. it wouldnt just have to be comm members. I thought that after I found out what the people here thought about it and we set a time and place we could definately post about it in egl ... ofcourse, maybe someone should go on there and remind everyone about the louisville_loli group encase there are a few people from the area who aren't aware of it.

I saw two lolis at Rocky Horror (in actual lolita, not scary fetish-goth-baby clothes) .. I'll probably go and look for them at the next showing of that and see if I can get them involved.

And I agree about the quality statement, hence the poll ... I wanted to determine how many of us could not only attend but would also be dressed for the occasion.

I'll try to get some idea about where to go and when and post again in a few days ... and like I said, I'm not much of an organizer, so if you or anyone else has any ideas they should definately share!
I think I'm going to throw together a banner with a lolita and a fleur-de-lis (aren't we lucky to have that as our cities symbol ?) and post about the comm in egl.
NOOO!! :O -raises hand and jumps up and down- We must have a meet up e_e that would be 'MAZIN and a half. XDD although..I would feel rather lame and out of place >.>; As I have no lolita clothing to speak of..not even anything that looks remotely lolita. o.o; But.. I wouldn't mind coming. :3 That would be awfully funful. :O So..Yuh. -nodnod-
I may be able to loan you something for the duration of the meetup. It wouldn't be anything spectacular, because I don't own much, but it would be better than nothing. The biggest factor is your measurements. .. If you don't mind letting me know what they are, I'll see what I can get together for you.
Awe! ^.^ that would be nice..I've gotten an offer for a blouse. XDD; -gigglesnort- But um.. -thinks- o.o I don't usually need'll have to get them and get back to you..
No problem. Actually, if you could just tell me what standard us size you are, that would be a good start.
o.o In what? -scratches head- XD I will warn you that I'm a bit on the chubby side.
Well ... would you say that you're a medium, large, or extra large ?
o.O I would think I was either a large or an extra large..though it depends on what the item of clothing is. XD And how it runs. Normally, I would wear a large.
Ok ... I'm kindof small, but I have a few things that are probably adjustable enough to acomidate a large. ... I just hope you like black :)

Lemme know your measurements whenever you figure 'em out. No rush.
:D I do like black. XD And will do! Thank you very much!!!
LOVE TO ATTEND. But... no clothes. Except for some interesting Walmart/Target finds. I NEEDZ A JOB. D: