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Louis Lolis

Community for Kentuckiana Gosurori

A group for all gothic lolitas and their supporter
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This is louisville_loli, for all gothic & lolita (gosurori) supporters in and around Louisville, Kentucky. If you do not know what gothic and lolita is, please go to my co-owned site: Crosses & Petticoats.

I myself do not live in Louisville, but rather in Indiana, so anyone who is near Louisville can feel free to join. ^o^

Please post an introductory post about yourself if you so wish.


1. No flaming.

2. Please keep the posts related to the Japanese fashion of Gothic & Lolita. This does not include Western Gothic.

3. No spamming of ebay auctions.

All posts are moderated and those that do not abide to the rules will be deleted!

Background is from Castleberry Arts.