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Paducah Kentucky Lolita meetup

This Saturday we will be hosting a Lolita 101 informative panel @ OMG. Aside from teaching others about the in and outs of Lolita, we thought we would host a meet up. Since its International Lolita day, we wanted to do more than teach others about it.  Here is the info:

I hope to see you there, if you need more info reply here, and if you need more info, please PM me for my phone number. If you want us to meet us @ OMG!con you can walk with us there, its literally a 3 minute walk!
All we will be doing is chatting and relaxing, and maybe meeting new friends on this *supposed to be* hot day~! Photos will be taken if you'd like, but since it's just a tearoom so no photo shoot will take place.
If theres a change in events, or time, I will notify you through this board! I hope to see a few of you there.

If you intend on going please r.s.v.p here with your name, and if your bringing guests! Because I plan to ask the tearoom in advance of our group. THANKS~!

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