Luisa the friendly ghost. (nevinai) wrote in louisville_loli,
Luisa the friendly ghost.


Anyone going to Ohayocon ? There's supposed to be a lolita gathering there ... I'm going down on saturday for that event, but not staying for the rest. I'm not a big fan of cons.

Here's a thread about the lolita event :

... in case anyone is interested.
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Ugh, why Saturday? Cosplayers who are entering the contest won't have any time to join in, and for the panelists (like myself >o<) Saturday is usually the busiest day. Bahhhh.
Regardless, I'm going to Ohayo but I'm dressing lolita on Sunday. :\
Well shoot. ... If a group ended up getting together later in the day for dinner or coffee or something would you be interested in joining ? Or is your schedule pretty full ?

I'm going to try to see if I can get a few people who're also dressed-up to get together and go out or something, since it seems like a bit of a waste to drive out there from loserville just for a two hour gathering.
What kind of panel are you doing ? ... The website for the con is pretty un-informative. I'll probably poke around a bit since I'm going to be there anyway, can you recommend anything I should keep an eye out for ?