Luisa the friendly ghost. (nevinai) wrote in louisville_loli,
Luisa the friendly ghost.

Alrighty ... There seems to be a decent amount of interest in a meetup, so its time to work out the details.

I still really like the idea of meeting and riding the trolley around. Though, since the louisville metro government sucks ... errr ... lolipops (yeah, lolipops) ... they shut down the bardstown road trolley (that was every weekend). Witch means that our next best bet would be the Frankfort ave trolley, witch means that the meetup would have to be the last friday of the month. I'd say that we (or I, or someone) should determine a sutable place on frankfort for us to gather and take pictures, and then proceed to a coffehouse to sit and chat (or vice versa ?), and then if we dont all find eachother terribly boring we can then do some walking and trolley riding and check out the shops.

So, the question is, how many of you would be available on saturday the 29th of this month, around five o'clock ?

Would it better to shoot for the last friday of october instead? Or, should we toss out the trolley idea so that the date is more flexible ?

*edit* ... I made an oopsie and said saturday the 29th ... witch is really dumb of me, because I already said it would be the last friday of the month. Whoops. So yes, it would be friday the 29th of september.
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